From Zero to 1200 Teachers in Two Weeks

In just under two weeks over 1,200 teachers have signed up for our services. 

We wanted to share exactly how we’ve managed to do so.

1. Press

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive wonderful press from education technology blogs from around the web.

2. Listening to our community and reacting

One of the supporters of Mega Startup Weekend, which we participated in, was Uservoice, a customer feedback and support tool. We immediately decided to implement Uservoice from day one and since then we’ve received priceless feedback and have been answering questions. By listening to our community and improving our product we’ve been able to grow tremendously.

We’re proud to share that one out of every five signups on ClassParrot is via an invitation from one of our users. Comes to show how effective listening to your community could be.

Below are quotes from our community.

3. Teacher buzz

As soon as we realized how passionate educators were on Twitter and Facebook we added a tweet and like button to our site and blog. Thanks to that we’ve received an amazing amount of buzz from teachers. Here are a few examples:

  • HP Edu - “Have you used @classparrot? It’s a cool tool that lets teachers reach students via texting. Read up on it on here:
  • Tiff Gilmore - “My favorite site of the day: #MITC2011 “
  • Jyokley - “Best of #MITC2011 @ghartman shared many great tools. My fave: Manage texts to students w/o actually exchanging numbers.”
  • Pearson Schools - “Here’s a great free tool for teachers to communicate with students - ClassParrot. #education #technology”
  • Techie Feldie - “I am Loving It is a fantastic way to communicate via text with students and colleagues! Love the scheduling feature! #tt4t”
  • Engaging Educators - “Polly want a text message? Terrific (and detailed) overview of text message service @Classparrot. (via @web20classroom)”
  • Sally Morgan - “@web20classroom @ClassParrot I just gave out the access # & name - students were VERY excited! What a great tool!!! “

Have any friends that are teachers? Want to make their day? Let them know about ClassParrot!

From Idea to Successful Launch in 54 Hours

You might not believe it but we actually launched ClassParrot in under 54 hours. That period of time ranged from brainstorming an idea to in fact demoing the live product.

How did things move so fast? We were fortunate enough to participate in Mega Startup Weekend an incredible event that brought together over 300 people who wanted to build a startup in just a weekend. This event has become a phenomenon and now occurs around the world, probably even close to you.

At the specific event we participated in, there were three tracks, education, gaming and health. After pitching our idea in the education track we were deemed the most popular and built an incredible team. We had over 10 people working on the web app, iOS app, marketing, content and essentially everything we needed. The lack of sleep didn’t stop us from winning the education track when we demoed at the end of the event.

The event was only a month ago and since then we’ve only grown. We’ve been getting press on Killer Startups, Free Technology For Teachers, Shoe String Launch and more. The feedback we’ve received has been incredible and we’re working on improving the service each day.

If you have any questions, feedback, or general comments feel free to reach out to ben(at)

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